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Liberty and justice? Perhaps not for all

Liberty and justice? Perhaps not for all

Bella Nieto, News Editor April 6, 2021

Prior to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s deaths, the country had already shouldered a global pandemic, a collapsing economy and was on the cusp of boiling over from grief over the spirit of a nation...

The Main Building at UTSA's Main Campus.

University excellence starts with diversity

Ryan Houston-Dial, Opinion Editor April 6, 2021

After the tragic events in the Atlanta area spas and Colorado supermarket mass shooting, I felt compelled to understand how UTSA would support minority students. Routinely when these horrific events take...

The double-edged nature of cancel culture

The double-edged nature of cancel culture

Tae Tran, Assistant Opinion Editor April 6, 2021

 In the 21st century, the terms "Canceling" or "Cancel Culture" have been embedded into common terminology. And with good reason. "Canceling" is a modern form of social-ostracisation that targets the...

Graphic by Tristan Ipock

You are worthy of being safe and cared for

Bella Nieto, News Editor March 26, 2021

Trigger warning: sexual assault  Following my own sexual assault, it became clear how poisonous the experience and every feeling after it. The smells, the yucky feelings, and the shame linger days...

Photo by Amber Chin.

Unpacking racial tensions behind hate crimes

Tae Tran, Assistant Opinion Editor March 23, 2021

The rise in Asian-American hate crimes extends to more than just sporadic incidents of violence. Due to the pandemic and rhetoric of Donald Trump, there has been a dramatic increase in hate crimes against...

Graphic by Gauri Raje

Did the Grammy’s snub the Bangtan Boys? K-Pop stans think so

Gauri Raje, Staff writer March 23, 2021

BTS made history after becoming the first K-pop group to receive a nomination at the 63rd Grammy Awards for ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.’ The group also got to perform their hit single ‘Dynamite’...

Graphic by Ethan Gullett

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Santiago Elizondo, Staff writer March 19, 2021

Women's History Month is a month dedicated to showing the contribution of women in history. Women's History Month is celebrated in March in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia in parallel...

Graphic by Ethan Gullett

How one ‘bad day’ has illustrated an ongoing nightmare for minority communities

Editorial Board March 19, 2021

On March 16, Robert Aaron Long was suspected of opening fire on three separate spas in Atlanta, killing eight individuals, six of which were Asian-American women. Long is a 21-year-old Caucasian male from...

Graphic by Amber Chin

Pressure is a privilege

Ryan Houston-Dial, Opinion Editor March 16, 2021

 During his Dallas Cowboys press conference after inking a massive four-year $160 million dollar contract, Dak Prescott said the phrase “pressure is a privilege” after reporters asked about Super...

The more people that die, we seem to care less

The more people that die, we seem to care less

Tae Tran, Assistant Opinion Editor March 8, 2021

Do you coo at cat videos? Cry during sad movies? Comfort someone when they’re down? Do you empathize greatly with the struggle of others? Many like to label themselves “compassionate” at least to...

Graphic by Ethan Gullett

The pandemic is our reality yet, Gov. Abbot lives in a dream world

Gauri Raje, Staff writer March 8, 2021

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott signed an executive order on Tuesday, Mar. 2, ending the statewide mask mandate and increasing the capacity of businesses and facilities in the state to 100%. The governor...

Do you have anything to show for it?

Do you have anything to show for it?

Nich Garza, Staff writer March 2, 2021

Something I’ve noticed in a lot of spiritual/self-improvement circles is the lack of any real change in the people who make them up. I’ll see someone who carries the aesthetic of someone becoming a...

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