The Paisano

The Democrats Can’t Afford To Back Down

Illustration by Amber Chin

Joseph Hernandez, Junior Copyeditor

September 25, 2020

Americans, whether they prefer the Democratic or Republican Party, tend to believe that their party is represented by insufficiently effective advocates for the cause while the other party’s politicians are zealous Machiavellians who will do anything to win victories for their side. Because poli...

Choosing the ‘lesser evil’ is voting for a lesser democracy

Choosing the ‘lesser evil’ is voting for a lesser democracy

Alex Birnel

March 29, 2016

  The partisan politics of a presidential election year have many people in a state of unsurprising fervor and mania. Mainstream establishment candidates and populist insurgent candidates have emerged on both the right and left ends of the spectrum. But do the number of candidates and their...

Rubio, the right Republican

April 28, 2015

Politics is a cutthroat game that takes place in an arena without battle-axes or swords. However, the ruthless nature of this game is the primary reason I avoid politics as much as humanly possible. Nonetheless, as a registered voter, I have a civic duty to perform during elections. The next issue is to...