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Mr. & Ms. UTSA’s royal responsibility to represent

Editorial staff October 11, 2017

JaCorey Patterson and Isabella Beltri may revel in their respective roles as Mr. and Ms. UTSA for now, but come Oct. 21 new royalty will succeed the previous winners. The finalists’ efforts to get the...

How to combat the zombies on campus

Vincent Valdez October 11, 2017

On the third floor of the JPL, you’ll find a swarm of zombies studying for midterms. They’re skipping class to cram, their eyes are bloodshot and they reek of black coffee. That’s right, the third...

Your insults could be their end

Project Semicolon is a nonprofit
that a has a focus on anti-suicide
initiatives. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
Kimiya Factory September 20, 2017

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. But they do. Words have a way of cutting so deep that one could argue verbal insults heal much slower than a physical blow. Imagine this,...

Satire: Hail to the chief

Cade Brashear September 13, 2017

Hail to the chief! Our great leader Donald has checked off one of the most important issues threatening our country today, the LGBT agenda trying to get their kind into our powerful military. On Aug....

Point: Who should be able to drop students from the class?

Point: Who should be able to drop students from the class?
Isaac Serna August 30, 2017

The instructor-initiated drop policy allows faculty to drop students who exceed the absence or missed assignment limit in their classes. Some students find this practice unfair, while others believe it...

Satire: Sheriff Arpaio, ‘America’s toughest sheriff ’

Satire: Sheriff Arpaio, ‘America’s toughest sheriff ’
Cade Brashear August 30, 2017

President Trump has delivered on few promises spoken on the campaign trail and in his short yet glorious tenure as our Commander in Chief, but on Friday he has finally come through. President Trump has...

The mask we wear

The mask we wear
Kenyatta Battle August 22, 2017

Going to college is achieving an unprecedented landmark when you’re a first generation college student. Being the first person in my family to attend college was exciting for me. The people who helped...

Libro de estudios México-americanos no está a la altura del nivel educativo en Texas

Libro de estudios México-americanos no está a la altura del nivel educativo en Texas
José Menéndez July 8, 2016

Artículo de opinión por el Senador Estatal de Texas José Menéndez, Distrito 26 Cuando la Junta Estatal de Educación de Texas (SBOE) votó por agregar estudios México-americanos al programa educativo...

Proposed Mexican-American studies textbook fails to live up to standards of Texas education

José Menéndez July 8, 2016

Guest op-ed by José Menéndez, Texas State Senator, District 26 When the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE)  voted to add Mexican-American studies to Texas curricula as an official course two years...

The science of a law degree

April 14, 2015

Students majoring in STEM fields should consider attending law school rather than attending medical school or another graduate research program. A STEM background is an asset in the legal profession...

I’ll just sit here

February 3, 2015

Christopher Breakell/ The Paisano

The Immigration Imperative

December 1, 2014

All hail dictator Obama! The Cinch: President Barack Obama announced a ground-breaking deal that could allow approximately 5 million illegal immigrants to naturally integrate into American society...

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