The Paisano

Asking the question ‘what’s up with UTSA’s stonehenge?’

UTSA’s unnamed Stonehenge located near music and arts building. Photos by Jeremiah Hobbs

Jeremiah Hobbs

January 25, 2017

A peculiar structure sits atop the land on the east side of UTSA’s main campus, about west of Bauerle Road near Key Circle and the Music Building. Perhaps you have seen this behemoth concrete mass standing alone. Have you walked by it and simply ignored, or like me, vaguely wondered about its purpose...

Print makers & shakers: UTSA Print It Up 2016

Print makers & shakers: UTSA Print It Up 2016

Jade Cuevas

November 30, 2016

Who said print is dying? On Saturday, Oct. 8th, UTSA art students showed that printmaking is here to stay. UTSA in collaboration with R space (a local San Antonio art gallery for new and upcoming artists), brought Print It Up into fruition. While not an extravagant or too formal of an event, R sp...

San Antonio streets come to life at Chalk It Up 2016

Photos by Ethan Pham, The Paisano

Jade Cuevas

October 12, 2016

While live music, laughter and other sounds of merriment aren’t unusual to downtown’s Houston St., a different sound could be heard this past Saturday. In place of the cars usually whizzing by were sounds of hundreds of San Antonians furiously scribbling chalk onto the brick road. ...