Student by day, tattoo artist by night

UTSA art major Serenity Jachynt a professional tattoo artist at age 20

Riley Carroll, Arts & Life Editor

Racking up nearly 9,000 followers, third-year UTSA art student Serenity Jachynt — better known as @tattoosbyserenity on Instagram — has gained an impressive amount of social media traction since the beginning of her tattooing career just one year ago.

The self-taught artist from Corpus Christi, Texas never pictured herself becoming a professional tattoo artist, but found her niche after practicing on friends.

“I honestly never saw myself being a tattoo artist,” Jachynt explained. “I was just kind of like tattooing my friends here and there and I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I do tattoos.’ But I never saw myself being an artist. I started out in Corpus [Christi] — I have a shop in Corpus. Whenever I went home for the summer, I found a shop over there and then I moved here and started doing it [here].”

Though her tattooing abilities have undoubtedly surpassed novice-level artistry in the short period she has practiced, Jachynt still gets nervous before a session.

“I get nervous every time,” Jachynt shared. “I feel like if you’re not nervous, you should question yourself. I definitely get nervous every time just because these people are trusting me with their bodies. And so it’s kind of scary because I do not want to be the one to mess it up for them and that’s something they have forever.”

Jachynt’s expertise offers grungy styles that differ greatly from that of many American tattoo artists thanks to the influence of Russian and Korean styles.

“So a lot of Russian artists and Korean artists — their styles are so different from what you see here in the United States,” Jachynt described. “Especially [in] South Texas. I feel like not a lot of people in South Texas do the more grungy stuff. It’s kind of refreshing to see that.”

While her style may consist of more bold “blackwork” and edgy themes, her favorite piece to tattoo on people is a Cherry Blossom flower.

“I give everyone that’s important to me a little Cherry Blossom [tattoo],” Jachynt said. “I have some on me — my dad has some, my mom, my aunt [and] my best friend. So I just kind of give them to everybody. I would say that’s my favorite tattoo to give.”

Jachynt’s booking is currently closed, but it is expected to become available again from late September to early October. For more information and examples of her art, visit her Instagram @tattoosbyserenity. All tattoo inquiries are conducted through email: [email protected].