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The top customized cleats worn by players in the NFL

Josh Norman’s “300” cleats (#6). Master Tesfatsion/Washington Post

Number Ten: J.J. Watt “Texas Strong”

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Houston citizens were devastated. Thousands lost their homes and had almost nothing to bring them hope. Enter J.J. Watt, the face of the Houston Texans football team. Sporting cleats emblazoned with the Texas flag, Watt showed support not only for his city, but for Texas as well. Along with the $37 million he raised, Watt’s cleats helped rally the state of Texas together in support of Houston.

JJ Watt’s “Texas Strong” cleats (#10). Shana Lockwood/USA Today sports

Number Nine: Golden Tate “Never Forget”

9/11 will forever be remembered as one of, if not the worst, tragedies to ever happen on American soil. 16 years later, athletes continue to honor those who lost their lives that tragic day. Rocking the Jordan 13 player exclusive (PE) cleats, Tate honored the fallen in his own way. Through his cleats, Tate paid tribute to the victims of 9/11 with class.

Number Eight: Odell Beckham Jr. “Supreme OBJ13”

Odell Beckham Jr. is known both for his flashy one-handed catches as well as his creative cleats. Every week seems to bring a new, even more creative pair than the week prior. Along with this, Beckham is consistently one of the best dressed players in the league, rocking streetwear brands such as Supreme. Beckham brought both worlds together with these clean solid gold cleats.

Number Seven: Christian McCaffrey “Bruce Lee”

Drafted number eight overall in the 2017 NFL draft, Christian McCaffrey was dubbed the savior of the Panthers offense. His ability to make defenders look silly with his elusiveness is often compared to the quickness of Bruce Lee. Both men are quick on their feet, shifty and extremely hard to contain. These cleats pay tribute to a martial arts icon, but also are a nod to McCaffrey’s skills.

Number Six: Josh Norman “300”

Josh Norman, one of the more controversial players in professional football, is known for his trash talk. However, he is also one of the premier corners in the league, able to shut down opposing team’s star receiver week in and week out. To recognize this, Adidas hooked up Norman with Spartan inspired cleats, as the Spartans were perhaps the toughest army to ever exist. Much like Norman, beating the Spartan army was a tall task for any military. The company recognized Norman’s inability to be beaten, much like the Spartan army on the battlefield before him.

Number Five: Marshawn Lynch “Camouflage”

Marshawn Lynch is one of the most recognizable football players of the last decade, leading the Seahawks to one Super Bowl title in two appearances. Lynch came out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders, so he switched to the classic silver and black color scheme. To honor this, Lynch was hooked up with silver and black camouflage cleats. The camouflage pattern, paired with the iconic color scheme, make for a well-done pair of cleats.

Number Four: Doug Baldwin “SYSA”

Prior to the 2017 season, the NFL had strict uniform rules that prohibited players from wearing custom cleats that didn’t have one of their team’s primary colors during the game. In week 13, however, they implemented #MyCauseMyCleats, which allowed players to wear custom cleats that promoted a charity they wanted to represent. Doug Baldwin’s cleats, which had a sleek tiger stripe design, represented the Southern Youth Sports Association.

Number Three: Dez Bryant “Throw Up The X”

Dez Bryant is highly regarded as one of the best receivers in the league and is one of the faces of Jordan brand. It isn’t uncommon for Bryant to trot out different Jordan sneakers in the form of cleats, ranging from Jordan 11s to Jordan sixes. With these two pairs, Bryant rocked both an all-white and all-gray snake skin Jordan low cleats. On the back of the cleat is a subtle homage to Bryant’s signature touchdown celebration, in which he throws up the X.

Number Two: Taco Charlton “Taco Supreme”

Taco Charlton’s “Taco Supreme” cleats (#2). Tom Fox/Dallas Morning News

With perhaps the most unique name in professional football, Taco Charlton is also a future star in the making. Partnering with renowned cleat customizer Kickasso, Charlton truly put his mark on the league with these cleats. Featuring a cartoon taco punching at the Nike swoosh, these cleats are a true representation of Taco Charlton.

Number One: Jarvis Landry/Odell Beckham Jr. “Batman and Joker”

Coming out of college together from LSU, Beckham and Landry were considered two of the best receivers in the 2014 draft class. The two were best friends in college and always challenged each other to one-handed catch battles at practice. Upon entering the league, the two maintained their close friendship and showed it with their cleats. Landry sported the Batman pair, and Beckham pulled out the Joker pair. Both cleats show the true bond two of the league’s top receivers share.

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