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The Paisano

Studenet organization to make UTSA campus beautiful

The Beautification Society formed because of their belief that there is a need for aesthetic improvement to aid UTSA’s goal of becoming a nationally renowned institution.

“Our organization plans to dramatically improve the aesthetic aspect of our campus. Although we recognize the difficulty of these goals, we are fully prepared to meet the challenges presented and to leave a lasting impression,” senior economics major and minister of publicity for the Beautification Society Ben King said.

The Beautification Society’s immediate goals include campus-wide plant and color initiatives and permanent showcases of student art.

The color initiative will be used to brighten the campus in general.

“Anything to make the campus more alive,” King said. “Many students complain about the heavy industrial feel (of the campus), so we’re trying to make things generally more pleasant aesthetically.”

This includes adding more color to the older, monochromatic buildings like the HSS and MS.

According to King, the plant initiative is intended to fill any unused space around campus.

“We’re going to be pragmatic,” King said. The Beautification Society feels that many of their projects are not just something nice to do but are necessary-replacing the entry signs on Babcock and UTSA Boulevard and finishing the work on the foyer and outdoor lounges of the HSS.

Current funding is limited to donations and member contributions. In the future, the Beautification Society will seek funding from any available resources. Ideally, each project will have a dedicated fundraiser.The likely plan is to have fundraisers similar to the actual projects they support.

According to King, future goals that must wait for more funding and support include a pavilion at the shuttle stop outside the BSE to shelter commuter students and a series of large outdoor sculptures. To do this, the Beautification Society will be working closely with the art department.

The Beautification Society is actively searching for new members. Current membership is comprised only of students, but faculty membership and support is strongly encouraged.

The organization was formed by Beautification Society President Christina Hamilton, Vice President Jason Perkins, Sergeant at Arms Steve Long, Secretary Bart Taylor and Minister of Publicity Ben King.

“We would be thrilled by any and all input from members of our UTSA community,” King said.

For information on joining The Beautification Society, contact the organization at [email protected].

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