Meet (Podcast): Dr. Jennifer Beavers & Dr. Thomas Yee, UTSA Faculty with the SMT Podcast

Kaitlyn Rosas and Mason Hickok

Hi everyone, welcome back to Meet.

My name is Mason, and on today’s show, my interview with Dr. Jennifer Beavers and Dr. Thomas Yee, UTSA professors a part of the team behind the SMT Podcast. The podcast — colloquially referred to as the “SMT-Pod” — was fostered by a graduate student who sought to create a space for scholars in the field of music theory to explain their research, studies and present work in a manner more approachable to the digital age.

Dr. Jennifer Beavers serves as one of the co-chairs for the SMT-Pod, along with Megan Lyons — a Ph.D., candidate and instructor at the University of Connecticut, as well as the creator of the SMT-Pod.

Dr. Thomas Yee serves on the Program Committee for the podcast, while also lending his time as composition chair for the SMT-Pod.

As discussed in the episode, there is an immediacy to podcasting, and in the case of music theory, a marriage between the new and the old. Through striving for inclusivity and diversity, the team with SMT Podcast is paving the way in the space of music theory existing as an audio publication.

This interview, like my previous one, was also born out of a pitch for The Paisano. You can find a link to the story as well as the SMT Pod website in the show notes for the episode.

Thank you for taking the time. Cheers, Mason.

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