Meet (Podcast) Dr. Sylvia Mendoza, Dr. Gloria Vásquez Gonzáles and Geremy Landin of the West Side Sound Oral History Project

Kaitlyn Rosas and Mason Hickok

Hello again, everyone. Welcome back to Meet. In today’s episode, I sat down with some of the members of the West Side Sound Oral History Project. Made up of a team that includes academics, historians and multiple community perspectives, the project aims to archive a genre of music synonymous with San Antonio.

Dr. Sylvia Mendoza is an assistant professor of Mexican American Studies at UTSA.
Dr. Gloria Vásquez Gonzáles is a lecturer in the Mexican American Studies program at UTSA.
Geremy Landin is a student at St. Mary’s University, a graduate student in the school of public history.

Rooted in the cultural pride of the West Side – but inspired by many genres of music – the project aims to foster a space in which underrepresented voices are heard, documented and captured for the future generation.