Main Building repairs to help eliminate a history of water leaks


Riley Carroll

Students walk by the Main Building, which has been under construction for over a year.

Alex Fotschky, Staff Writer

In July 2021, the university announced renovation plans to repair leaks on UTSA’s Main Building. Construction was expected to finish in early Fall 2022, but the work was delayed.

“We anticipate completion of this project in December [2022]. The change in completion date is due to a delay in lead times for roofing material and the necessary sequencing of installing these materials,” Corrina Green, associate vice president of Real Estate, Construction and Planning, said.

Though the project has been delayed a few times, the “renovation of the Main Building is going well,” Green said. 

“Although we experienced minor delays, our team has done an excellent job ensuring we have the proper design solutions for challenges that arise,” Green said. “Our team has also worked closely with vendors to mitigate delays due to material delivery,” 

Students who were not here pre-renovation most likely do not know what the renovation of the building was for. Green further explained the cause of the leaks in the building.

“The Main Building envelope was experiencing leaks,” Green said. “Our current renovations efforts are to repair and remedy the leaks and residual damages. These leaks were caused by original waterproofing details and materials that were not operating properly.”

Green pointed out a lack of differences between pre-construction and post-construction, apart from the leak repairs.

“Our goal is to ensure the building envelope is free from leaks,” Green concluded. “The corrected building envelope will provide new warranties and ensure the functionality of our building for decades to come.”

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