Local band roundup: Aztec Eagles

Riley Carroll, Arts & Life Editor

The diversity in San Antonio’s local music scene is undeniable. Bands range in genres from punk to indie-alternative, offering something for everyone. 

This week, we dive into a band changing the game of the local scene — Aztec Eagles.

The four members of the band Aztec Eagles include Andrew Hernandez, 28, on lead guitar; Autumn Guzman, 24, on vocals and rhythm guitar; Joshua Smith, 26, specializing in drums while playing guitar and bass on the side and Lexi Ortega, 22, specializing in vocals and bass guitar. 

“Our previous members, Carlos and Conrad, formed Aztec Eagles in 2015,” they shared. “A little after, we became a trio: Lexi, Conrad and Carlos. Then Lexi brought Autumn in, and [we] became a four-piece. In 2022, Carlos and Conrad decided to part ways and left Aztec Eagles to Lexi and Autumn.”

For eight years, the alternative pop-rock band has played original songs and covers as frequently as three times per month at live shows, particularly enjoying Ragnar’s On The Compound and Thirsty Camel Bar.

“My favorite songs that we play are ‘Monte Carlo’ because it became such an amazing song with Andrew and Josh,” Ortega shared. “I also love playing ‘Stay’ because Josh kills it at singing and playing drums.”

Between their original songs and the covers they play on stage, the band members often switch instruments and roles for an increased sound variety that sticks with the audience.

“I think readers should listen to our band because we offer catchy melodies,” Ortega described. “We leave people humming our songs after they’re done seeing us — we leave good impressions on our viewers and listeners.”

While Aztec Eagles may leave a memorable impression on the crowds they perform for, one of their favorite memories of their own was opening for The Velveteers.

“They were fantastic, and meeting them was a really good experience,” Smith shared.

Aztec Eagles are still planning their next moves for 2023, but they are sure there is new music on the way.

“We just recorded two more originals that will release next year,” Guzman said.

Aztec Eagles’ original single “Ocean Drive” is available on Spotify. Visit their Instagram @aztec.eagles or LinkTree for more information.