Local band roundup: Q&A with Raven’s Banquet

Riley Carroll, Arts & Life Editor

Meet one of San Antonio’s modern progressive hard rock bands: Raven’s Banquet.

  1. Could you please start by listing the members of your band and what instrument they play?

Well, I’m Chase, and I’m [the] lead vocalist and rhythm guitar[ist]. We have Brandon, my brother, who plays drums. Next is Johnny, who plays lead guitar and [then] we have Kaiser who plays bass.”

  1. How did you guys form your band? 

“We were all friends from school and decided to form a band together.”

  1. What inspired the name of your band? 

“We had actually had [the name Raven’s Banquet] for a while before we used it. We just thought it sounded badass.”

  1. What sets you guys apart from other local bands? What makes you different? 

“I think what sets us apart from other bands is what we play. We shoot to do songs by bands like Alter Bridge and Megadeth, and I don’t really hear any other bands doing that.” 

  1. What type of music do you guys play? Why did you choose this genre or these genres?

“We play a mixture of hard rock, mostly from the late ’90s to the early 2000s. We just really enjoy the music that came out in the time.”

  1. Do you play mostly covers, or do you play mostly originals? 

“It’s a mixed bag at every show, depending on [the] venue.”

  1. What songs are y’all’s favorites to play? Why?

“I think our favorite song to play is our cover of ‘One Day Remains’ by Alter Bridge because it has good harmonies and is a nice challenge for everyone.”

  1. What is your favorite venue to play at? Why?

“We have several: The Rock Box, Vibes Underground [at Vibes Event Center], Fitzgerald’s [Bar & Live Music Venue] and Sam’s Burger Joint.”

  1. How often do you guys play shows?

“We used to play a few shows a month, but we are stepping back and doing at least one show a month.”

  1. Do you guys have any shows or projects you are willing to share with us? 

“We are playing … Fitzgerald’s on Feb. 4th alongside the band Spread Eagle, and again at Fitzgerald’s with Resist & Bite and Generation Landslide on March 3rd.” 

  1. Why should readers listen to your band? What do you have to offer?

“We strive to make music that is familiar, yet new. We try to make music that moves people and takes them on a journey. As a band, our collective musicality and experience lead to the creation of a sound that is completely unique.”

  1. Describe your most memorable moment as a band thus far. What made it so memorable? 

“I’d say our most memorable moment was playing Fiesta three times; we loved getting to share the music we love with hundreds of people there.”

  1. What is something not many people know about your band? 

“We all have had the same music teachers.”

  1. Where do you guys draw inspiration from? Why? 

“We draw a lot of inspiration from bands such as Alter Bridge, Creed, Tremonti, Megadeth and Stone Temple Pilots. We love the styles and tones that each band has.”

For more from Raven’s Banquet, visit their Instagram @ravens_banquet or their website.