Feeling the ‘Timesheet Blues’

Retro Cowgirl plays show to celebrate upcoming single

Cesar Soto, Staff Writer

San Antonio band Retro Cowgirl put on a show on Friday, March 3, promoting the release of their upcoming single, “Timesheet Blues.” Accompanied by special guests Floats and Flight by Nothing, Paper Tiger hosted a night of premier retro feels. 

Opening the night was Flight by Nothing, who traveled from just outside of San Marcos. Composed of Braydon Houston on keys, Sam Morales on drums, Conner Redden on vocals and guitar, Porfii Rubio on bass and Pacco Salinas on lead guitar. The indie-rock band set a perfectly upbeat tone for the evening, jamming out to every track with exceptional instrumentation that encompassed funky guitars and thick basslines.

As an unexpected addition, they threw in a cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” and picked up the pace towards the end of their set, shifting to a rock sound with rapid drums and fantastic guitar riffs. Considering they are located relatively close to San Antonio, we can only hope to see the band make more appearances in town soon.

The other supporting act was the hometown staple, Floats, which frequently makes appearances at various venues in town. Fronted by guitarist and lead vocalist Mark Perez, the surf-rock band did not seem as prepared as they usually are, but the bassist made admirable efforts to keep the fans amused while technical issues were resolved. 

Despite it not being a tight set, Floats generated the right energy at all the appropriate times. The fans that were there to see them appeared to have a great time moshing and cheering on all the band members.

When it came time for Retro Cowgirl, the room was packed with fans sporting mini sparkly cowboy hats as they showed excitement for every song. The band started with “Honey,” a throwback to the 2000s rock sound on which the band puts a skillful modern spin.

Singing into a microphone adorned with flowers, lead singer Lucky Steele took full control of the stage with her presence. She immersed herself in the music with the way she moved around on stage and displayed wonderful vocal inflections that matched the emotions of the songs. The band also features Jonluca Biagin on drums, Luis Fiallos on lead guitar, Luis Garcia on rhythm guitar, and Lexi Ortega helping out on bass. Ortega is a recurring figure in the local music scene, playing in Aztec Eagles and Daphne Kills Fred.

There were plenty of lighthearted moments, with the band performing a cover of Miley Cyrus’s “See You Again,” while playfully donning Hannah Montana-type wigs. Steele also threw light-up bracelets into the crowd and started a loud chant of “Retro motherf—kin’ Cowgirl,” which kept the fans engaged.

But of course, they could not finish the show without playing “the most important song of the night,” their upcoming single, “Timesheet Blues,” releasing March 17. It is easy to see why the band is excited to release it, with its exuberant drums complementing excellent guitar rhythms. Steele finished out the song with powerful vocals as the band expressed their delight over how much everyone in the room loved it.

Retro Cowgirl is a band that has made a genuine connection with those following the local music scene. In addition to their music, the band put tremendous effort into getting involved with their fans, setting up a colorful installation with merch and even a small retro-style TV that played their music videos – all details that everyone loved. It is this kind of effort that grows a legitimate fanbase, and it is a show like this one that certifies them as one of the more exciting bands to look out for in San Antonio.