Beabadoobee from a fan’s perspective

Riley Carroll, Arts & Life Editor

Between opening for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, alternative indie singer Beabadoobee headlined at the Aztec Theater in San Antonio. Born Beatrice Kristi Ilejay Laus, Beabadoobee has paved her way through the music industry by utilizing popular social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Her show at the Aztec was opened by the dream pop band Blushing.

UTSA sophomore marketing majors Isabella Lopez and Grace Harmon and sophomore biology major Mitchell Loller shared their experiences from the Beabadoobee show.

What brought you to the Beabadoobee concert?

Harmon: “I love Beabadoobee and one of my friends was kind enough to buy me a ticket. We had so much fun.”

Loller: “I’ve been listening to her for years and when a friend of mine said they were going I immediately bought my ticket.”

Lopez: “My roommates really like Beabadoobee and I thought it would be fun to go with them. I also really like her music.”

On TikTok, many people have said that the crowds Beabadoobee attracts now are more feisty than they used to be. Did you have any negative experiences? If so, what?

Harmon: “My experience with the crowd has been fairly positive. This is actually my second time seeing her this year and I noticed that she’s attracting a lot of younger audience members. This could be because of TikTok but I’m not too sure.”

Loller: “I saw the TikToks and was definitely worried about the crowd being bad. However this was one of the best crowd experiences I’ve ever had at a concert, everyone around was really nice and I’m literally going to another concert with someone I met there. The crowds at Aztec Theater are always nice and I think being barricade helped better my experience as well.”

Lopez: “The only negative experiences that I had during the show were the people behind me pushing against me and not having concert etiquette. Everyone around me was not on [their] phones the whole time which I know everyone has been saying happens at her shows.”

What was the most memorable moment from the show? Why?

Harmon: “The most memorable moment I had was actually after the show. My friend [and I] were strolling around San Antonio and then we ran into her and her band. I can’t even explain how awkward I was when we talked to her but she was so kind to us. She truly is so sweet.”

Loller: “The most memorable experience was talking to both Bea and Jacob after the concert and getting them to sign my vinyl. They were both so nice and amazing people.”

Lopez: “The most memorable moments I have from the show was waiting outside with one of my roommates before the show, seeing Bea look happy and smiling while performing, and after getting to meet and talk to her [and] her band.”

How would you rate the show out of five stars? Why?

Harmon: “Obviously five [out of] five stars. Best concert experience for sure.”

Loller: “Four and a half out of five, it’s honestly tied as my favorite concert I’ve ever been to. I loved the set list, the opener, the crowd and everything else. [One] thing is I love when an artist interacts with the crowd a lot during a concert. Like having a little intro [and] asking questions. Neither her [nor] the opener really did but overall it was amazing.”

Lopez: “I would rate this show a four [out of] five [stars] only because I think the show was really short and was not that organized on the venue’s part.”

How long were you waiting for the show? Why did you wait?

Harmon: “[I think] we waited for about an hour. I can’t remember, but I do remember that the line was really long. It wrapped around the whole theater. We waited because we had [general admission] tickets and we wanted to see if we could grab a good spot.”

Loller: “My friends [and I] got in line around 3 [or] 3:30. We really wanted barricade for this concert because Bea is one of our most listened-to artists. However, if I hadn’t bought the $35 VIP wristband to get in first and save spots for my friends at [the] barricade, our waiting would have been for nothing.”

Lopez: “I got to the venue around 10:30 a.m. I got there that early so my roommates and I could be in the very front [and] we were.”

Have you seen Bea before? Would you see her again?

Harmon: “The last time I saw her was last year in November. I would see her for a third time, to be honest. I’ve been following her music for a while and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future.”

Loller: “No I haven’t this was my first time seeing her. I definitely will see her again, she and her band are such talented performers and I got two [out of] four band [members] signatures on my vinyl so hopefully next time I get the last two.”

Lopez: “I have not seen her before [but] I will 1,972,619,370% see her again.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Harmon: “It was so surreal meeting her in person and if I were to ever go back and see her again, I would love to say hi. I was so nervous when I first met her so maybe next time I’ll be ready.”

Loller: “If anyone’s reading this who hasn’t [given] Beabadoobee a listen go right now, she has so many amazing songs and you won’t be disappointed.”

Lopez: “Her band was really nice and made the whole experience comfortable and happy.”