Science Research Conference

Science conference

Friday Oct. 18 the 2013 College of Science Research Conference brought together 300 oral and poster presentations by researchers, students, and faculty.

“Collaborative Basic and Translational Research in the Sciences” was this year’s theme, which included stem cell, computer science and energy research.

According to Assistant Vice President for Research and Support at Bernard Arulanandam, “this Conference is a signature event for UTSA’s College of Science, and it is growing rapidly every year. We have been trying hard to engage the community.

“The 70 students seen running around on a scavenger hunt and around the presentations are all from area high schools.”

Once the presentations were complete, Ravi Sandhu, UTSA Lutcher Brown Endowed Professor of Cyber Security, gave a keynote address titled “The Science, Engineering, and Business of Cyber Security.”

His keynote included details on the Department of Defense and its use of cyber security for defense as well as offensive tactics, the future objectives of cyber security and how privacy is included within security and not security within privacy.

He stated, “The capability to get past current security is there, but attackers have not yet had the need to exploit that capability. The system is secure enough. People are happy with the current system because of this. It is not perfect, but it is simply enough.”