The next Mr. and Ms. UTSA

Football fans weren’t the only ones celebrating at the UTSA homecoming game.

Zachary Dunn and Rebecca Smith were named Mr. and Ms. UTSA, succeeding previous winners Carlos Camino and Daniella Lerma.

Each candidate who decides to run is then nominated by the UTSA Alumni Association for their UTSA spirit, academic achievement, campus involvement and community service.

The winners are chosen based on the number of student votes cast on ASAP; winners must also raise money for UTSA Alumni Association scholarships.

“When it was announced, I was in a state of multiple emotions… I was proud to represent my university on that field,” Dunn said of the homecoming announcement.

“I knew I wanted to run for Ms. UTSA since freshman year,” said Smith. “I really love UTSA and take pride in attending such an amazing university.”

Dunn expressed similar sentiments: “I saw running for Mr. UTSA as an opportunity to further serve this family and be a part of all the great things happening on our campus.”

Both candidates attribute their successful campaigns to the support of friends and family.

With their new titles, Dunn and Smith plan on contributing to UTSA and the surrounding community.

“I would love to go to grade schools and stress the importance of focusing in school and attending college,” said Smith. “I also hope to get more students to support our athletic team.”

Dunn, the current Student Government Association President, plans on “being the best representative of UTSA.”

“Overall,” said Smith, “I am extremely happy and so proud to have the opportunity to support such a wonderful university.”