Jogger attacked at local park


Last Friday, Jan. 17, a woman was attacked while jogging in a dark area in the Leon Creek Greenway near Ox Bow Park by Babcock Road —less than six miles away from a park murder that occurred a month prior.

“The female was able to fight off the suspect and call the police,” SAPD wrote on its Facebook page.

This was the second area attack that occurred within less than a month.

On New Years Eve, a 24-year-old woman was found dead just after 5:30 p.m. at O.P. Schnabel Park. While on a walk a couple encountered Lauren Bump’s body laying face down in a pool of blood on one of the park’s paved trails.

O.P. Schnabel Park, often referred to as “the cleanest little park in Texas,” includes 202 acres of oak trees, mountain laurels and other native vegetation. It features a trailhead to the Leon Creek Greenway that connects the park with trails that cross the Hill Country Place apartments on UTSA Blvd.

Three days after Lauren Bump’s fatal attack, the man accused of the stabbing was arrested in the same park in which the incident occurred. Police said the investigation continues.

Police have yet to arrest a suspect associated with Friday’s attack; however, the woman was able to tell investigators the man had a spider tattoo on his neck and was wearing a ski mask.

These two attacks have brought the issue of safety to the forefront of students’ minds.

It also brings to light the recent criminal activity surfacing near UTSA’s student apartments.

Moises Romo, a UTSA student living in Highview Place apartments on Chase Hill Blvd., experienced a car burglary overnight while visiting a friend’s apartment at Hill Country Place apartments.

“I woke up to find my center console was popped out. Someone had taken my stereo and some clothes,” said Romo.

“I’m also not the only victim to this offense.”

Romo’s roommate, also a UTSA student, was the victim of car burglary at Highview Place, last August. On another occasion, a lacrosse teammate of his was severely burglarized during the night, robbed of his television, wallet and other valuables in his apartment in the same complex.

“Surveillance cameras in every apartment building, surveillance cameras in parking lots and a security guard roaming the premises if they want to ensure student safety,” mentioned Romo when asked what he suggests should be done to counteract the recent incidents.

“If you live in an apartment, tell your landlord security improvements are needed. Better lighting, stronger locks, added security personnel, etc.,” states the crime prevention brochure provided by the UTSA Police Department.

It also suggests parking in visible, well-lit areas and keeping valuables in the trunk or otherwise out of sight.

According to SAPD, police presence has been increased in the UTSA area.

SAPD also issued a list of tips for joggers on its Facebook page.