Cole Hubble: a natural born football player

“You could say I was born with a football in my hands,” says Roadrunners’ tight end Cole Hubble, and that definitely wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Hubble comes from a football family. His father, Rocky Hubble, played defensive end and offensive guard for Oklahoma University before going on to play for the Kansas City Chiefs, a team Hubble still roots for. Hubble said his father stopped playing before he was born,  he would have really liked to see his father play.

His uncle, Robert Hubble, also a tight end played for Rice University and later for the San Francisco 49ers and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana. 

Hubble says it’s been good to have his uncle as a role model for learning more about the position. Hubble didn’t start playing the game as a tight end and has said that the biggest challenge for him was “learning all the different positions.” At UTSA, he has also played linebacker and on special teams.

Injuries have recently been a hurdle for him. Hubble was out for six weeks for his collarbone, six months for his labrum and another two months for his hamstring. He’s only been back in the game since Aug. 5,  and working hard to make up for lost time.

“He’s a tough player,” says Head Coach Larry Coker, who has been working hard to find the right position for Hubble. Concerning the move to tight end Hubble said, “I feel it’s perfect.” Coker admitted that one of the areas he feels the team needs work is with its receiving corps. Hubble’s strength as a catching tight end will hopefully prove valuable in that endeavor.

Hubble is a San Antonio native, living either in his family’s place in Medina, or in their ranch in Bandera.

“He’s a legend in Bandera,” Coker said. Hubble played quarterback at Bandera High School, where he went 3A all-state and was District 29 MVP as a junior. He grew up living with his parents and his brother.

Hubble is now a sophomore studying kinesiology. Being a full-time student and playing college football leaves little room in his schedule for other things. He says that most of the guys on the team do not have girlfriends, but if they do they are usually high school sweethearts. Hubble notes, “If she was special, I could make the time.”

Hubble is focused on being the best player he can and hopes to set a good example for the incoming players to this new UTSA football team. When asked what motivates him to continue to lay it all on the line every week, he responds “love for the game. Only job you can go hit someone as hard as you can and get a pat on the back for it.”

After graduation Hubble hopes to find a spot in the NFL, so he can keep playing the game he loves. He understands life doesn’t always go as expected. Nothing will keep Hubble out of the game. “I want to coach,” Hubble says, “stay in the game.”