Coaches off the field: Coach Carrie Parnaby

Since Carrie Parnaby took over as the second head coach in the history of UTSA women’s golf, the program has developed into a power within the Southland Conference.

Parnaby took some time away from the course to talk to the Paisano.

What is the best part about being a coach at UTSA?

To me the best part would have to be that our program is fairly new.  It seems the whole athletic program is on the rise.  It is just an exciting time to be a part of UTSA, especially with women’s golf program. We have been steadily improving and that’s really exciting.

When did you decide to become a coach?

My senior year at Tennessee, I got injured and my coach took me on two trips as a student-assistant.  I got to see the other side of things.  Since that point I have kind of pointed my career to coaching.  I played professionally for a few years and from there it kind of evolved.

If you couldnt be a coach, what would you be doing?

I would have done something related to golf.  I would have been a teacher or I might have played longer. My major was in marketing but I definitely would have done something in golf.

Who is the biggest influence in where you are today?

I would say my dad.  He instilled a really great work ethic in me, and I have just always been a hard worker.

What do you do when you arent coaching the Roadrunners?

If you play golf, golf is kind of your life, but I am usually playing golf or trying to spend time with my family up in Dallas.  I have a young niece and nephew, and I try to hang out with them quite a bit.  I am a big family person.