Fantasy football: Palmer unlucky

Hot Routes: These are the players you should start without second- guessing yourself.



Matt Hasselbeck/ Seattle Seahawks

Why: After a disappointing loss to the Washington Redskins, the Seahawks and Hasselbeck will rebound in high fashion against the St. Louis Rams; Mike Holmgren, who failed to stretch the field last week, will be a lot more aggressive in his play calling, allowing Hasselbeck to connect for larger gains (20 yards or more) with his two primary receivers, Darrel Jackson and Bobby Engram.


Running back:

Thomas Jones/ Chicago Bears

Why: Jones will stave off rookie running back Cedric Benson for at least another week. Jones will accomplish this by posting yet another 100 yard performance against the struggling Cleveland Browns.

However, do not expect Jones to carry the load for much longer. There are many in the Bears organization that do not feel comfortable with a 50 million dollar running back watching from the sideline.


Wide Receiver:

Reggie Wayne/ Indianapolis Colts

Why: Peyton Manning finally broke out of his passing stupor and passed for four touchdowns-one of them to Wayne. Wayne, who became part of the first trio of receivers on the same team to go over 1,000 receiving yards, caught only two passes.

Look for Wayne to become the main target as Manning continues his aerial attack against the San Francisco 49ers.


Blitzes: This is the player you should avoid starting.



Carson Palmer/ Cincinnati Bengals

Why: Palmer has been the hottest quarterback this season, posting over a 100 quarterback rating in each of his first four games.

This week, Palmer’s luck will run out. He will face a staunch Jacksonville defense that allows fewer than 150 yards a game. Plus, Jacksonville is coming off a tough loss. There’s nothing worse than facing a tough defense on the road; the Bengals and Palmer will have to do that.