10 inexpensive ways to decompress before finals

Chloe Williams, Web and Social Editor

With finals quickly approaching and the school year ending, it is crucial to prioritize self-care, especially in times of stress. This week we highlight 10 different ways to decompress before finals. 

1. Take an exercise class

Exercising is a great way to release stress and decompress. Campus Recreation offers daily classes, including yoga and pilates. If campus classes are not your thing, local gyms like Orange Theory, CycleBar and Club Pilates offer first classes for free. 

2. Go on a walk

Enjoy the beautiful weather and take a walk on any of the nearby trails. The closest trails to campus are Huesta Creek Trailhead, Dan Markson Maverick Creek Trailhead and Hill Country Trailhead

3. Take a book and visit the pool

Pick up a book at the library or a local bookstore and take it to your apartment’s pool or the Campus Recreation Aquatic Center

4. Treat yourself to a coffee date

Try out a new coffee shop, order your favorite drink and journal or read a book. Locally-owned coffee shops nearby include Indy Coffee, Early Bird Coffee and Archies Coffee Lounge

5. Make a cocktail or mocktail and watch TV

Sometimes it is necessary to indulge in life’s simple pleasures, including trashy TV. A great way to relax is to make yourself a cocktail or mocktail and put on your guilty pleasure TV show. 

6. Have a self-care night

Start your night with a steamy shower or bath, light candles, put on a face mask and enjoy your night doing nothing but focusing on yourself. 

7. Do a room reset

A clean space can do wonders for productivity and mental well-being. Do a room reset and all the deep cleaning tasks you have been avoiding. 

8. Explore creative outlets

Try a new creative outlet like painting, coloring, drawing, knitting, journaling or any other creative activity that makes you feel calm. 

9. Make your favorite meal

Food can provide comfort in ways unlike anything else. Make or buy your favorite comfort food and consciously spend some time appreciating it. 

10. Play a relaxing video game

Playing a relaxing video game can calm you and provide an escape from everyday stressors. My favorite comfort games are “The Sims,” “Animal Crossing” and “Stardew Valley.”

It is important to prioritize your mental health, especially during finals week. Take a well-deserved break, and good luck this coming week.