UTSA officials meet with WAC Commissioner

Athletic Director Lynn Hickey and Head Football Coach Larry Coker flew to Colorado Wednesday to meet with Western Athletic Conference  (WAC) commissioner Karl Benson on the subject of UTSA athletics and the possibility of a spot in the WAC for UTSA. 

It was an opportunity for Hickey to show in person what UTSA would bring as a member.

“We had a good meeting and the purpose of going was to meet Ken Benson.  We had never met face-to- face,” Hickey said. 

“We had asked him if we could come and give him a better overview on what we were trying to build and an overview of UTSA as a whole.”

The meeting did not involve an invitation from the WAC; it was merely a friendly get together between the important figures from UTSA and the WAC.

“He gave us an overview.  He is very positive very confident.  They have good group of schools, great history, so they are just trying to work on what their timeline is and take the appropriate steps,” Hickey said. 

Talking with the WAC will not affect the university’s membership in the Southland Conference, but it shows that the UTSA is looking at other options.

“Commissioner [Tom] Burnett knew we were going, and we were communicating with him.  This is a time of looking at options.  Our commitment is still to the Southland,” Hickey said. 

Some of those other options might include geographically local conferences.

“All along we have talked about the geographical options we have– the WAC, C-USA and Sun Belt.  We are just watching the landscape to see if there is going to be movement.  It could change overnight or it could be a two year process,” Hickey said.  

“I think we are happy to have the opportunity to present to anybody.  I don’t think we are at the stage where we are looking at those detailed questions.” 

Coker emphasized the benefits UTSA would bring to the WAC.

“We have such a great product to sell. We are so proud of our city and the dome and in a hungry market with no major college football no professional football,” Coker said.  “But we need to let other people know what we have.  It was exciting.”