The Paisano

Reyes Cárdenas, Chicano poet, visits UTSA

October 10, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Reyes Cárdenas “I’ve always wanted more than a revolution can provide.” Reyes Cárdenas pauses after reading the last line of his poem, closes his book and steps down off the podium. In wake of the recent release of his compilation of poetry and short f...

A Fable: The Ant, the Bee, the Firefly, and the Worm

September 3, 2013

One day, the lowly worm invited his friends to eat with him. Among his friends were an ant, a bee, and a firefly. After their meal, there began a discussion of who was the most important based on their abilities. “I am the most organized and my army can move things many times its size...